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Fire Prevention and Safety Tips

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  • April 21,2016

Install Smoke Alarms

Every year almost 3,000 people lose their lives in structure fires and 60% of those deaths occurred in homes without smoke alarms. In order to protect your family, pets, and yourself from injury or death during a fire, smoke alarms are essential. A smoke alarm is a simple, inexpensive preventative measure. You should install smoke alarms on every level of your home, especially inside and outside bedrooms. Many states require smoke alarms in each bedroom as well so check your local laws and regulations to make sure your home is compliant.

Additional Fire Safety Tips

Here are more basic tips to keep your family and home safe around potential fire hazards.

  • Every month (or at least every 6), clean dust from the alarms and push the test button.
  • Never paint the alarm.
  • Change the batteries every time you change your clocks.
  • Keep combustible liquids away from heat sources
  • Leave the house immediately if you think there is a gas leak
  • Only use a gas-powered generator outside
  • Do not use the kitchen stove/oven to heat your home

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